Spoon Bottle Feeder


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The Spoon Bottle Feeder offers a new and extremely simple way to feed your baby at home and on the go!


Simply Squeeze The Bottle To Dispense Bite-Sized Amounts of Food!

Put An End To Baby Crying Caused By Spoon Withdrawal

Provides An Enjoyable Eating Experience With The Soft Spoon

Dust Seal & Bottle Lid Included For On-The-Go Feeding & Storage!


Make Parenting So Much Easier Today With Our Spoon Bottle Feeder!


For far too long, old-fashioned spoon feeding has left parents with messes to clean up from an "It's always play time!" baby, with arm fatigue from going back and forth between the food source and your baby's mouth, and of course, its left them a little more agitated from when they started from the stop-and-go crying every time you go for the next scoop (and take the spoon away from your baby's mouth).

Our innovative bottle offers new parents a cleaner and easier way to feed your baby semi-solid foods & liquids using just one hand. With a gentle squeeze of the bottle, you can dispense bite-sized amounts of food without having to leave the immediate view of your baby, which will also prevent post-bite crying! As parents ourselves, we wanted to truly make this bottle an all-in-one, and of course, that includes making it travel-friendly. Whether you are going on a family trip or just a stroll around the park, you can now always have a readily available food source! Simply fill up the bottle before leaving, snap on the cap, and when it is time for it to shine, easily take off the cap, squeeze, and voila! A happy baby in 1-2-3.


Easy To Use One-Handed Operation

Perfect For Paste, Formula, Milk, Porridge, Rice, & More!

Easy To Clean & Dishwasher Safe

Max Volume: 120ml

BPA Free


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