Unspillable Baby Bowl


Product Details

Are you tired of your little one always spilling their food? It's finally time to put an end to that with our brand new Unspillable Baby Bowl!


✔️Prevent Spills, Protect Your Furniture, & Stress No More!

✔️Very Convenient & Easy To Use Handles

✔️Holds All Kinds of Solid & Liquid Snacks

✔️Super Easy To Clean & Dishwasher Safe!


✔️Twist, Turn, Flip, & Rotate, But This Bowl Will Not Spill!

Let's face it, kids don't have the best coordination, so spills are going to happen. But, with our Unspillable Baby Bowl, you can reduce those spills and all of the required clean up time by 90%! Unless you are purposefully trying to get this bowl to spill, the chances of it spilling are very slim!


✔️Included Travel Cover

✔️FDA Approved & BPA Free

✔️Perfect For Toddlers & Children

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